TNMCRP-1026 FU2 By Nikko Jones

Writer: Nikko Jones

Owner of: Monster LLC

Title: FU2




if i don’t do nuthin imma ball bitch/

rhyme-a-holic/ imma call this/

timeless, call this/

the return of the ice cold/

(burn)life goals/

like whoa/ size em oh/

this the return of the fire

[verse 1]

this that contradictory shit/

i’m an unforgiving dick/

you’se a pussy, you’se a fagget/

do not push me, this is too much acid/

i got that heat though/ knock my free throws/

you got heat but its not that heat though/

i got regal/ i’m the king ya bish/

qweezy baby/ i think this is/

the return of the/ (turn up) drop-drop it like its hot/

lock it pop/ fuck an infrared/ (i do it)

i’ll kill these niggas insta-dead/ (insta-kill)

bitch, this my call of duty/

“i do it” yeah we all unruly/ (ruly)

i’m the reign, yea/ same song, same yea/ (yea)

this that dance, dance/ (dance, dance)

dance (dam man)/

from under the cork tree/

New York, NY; New York repeat/

i’m a gorgeous feat (aye)/

they just scared hoe (aye)/

i’m aware though (yea)/ qweezii werewolf flow/

imma weirdo/ radiohead, stereo/

heir ya know/ Lobo, Lobo/

qweezii baby mogul, mogul/

aye, i’m the pro too/

the go to/ you old news/

i’m ode to the fallen soldiers/ call me hova (yea)

and i need that night time/ with no roofs (roof)/

yeah i need that skyline yuh in the booth (booth)/

yeah i need that cremate it uh in my lifetime/

yeah i need that shit, yeah in my lifetime/


*what what what what what [in background]*

heart, skip (fuck you)

feel your heart skip (Fuck you too)

heart, skip (fuck you)

feel your heart skip (fuck you too)

[verse 2]

yeah I’m a perfectionist/ i’m the skrrr, lesson it’s/

the return of the, bless you bless you/

skrrt turn up, especial especially/

with my forte/ 3, 2-4 need more ya- (yo)/

with my aura, aye/ (yeah)

with my sora ways/ (heartless)

i’m an arsonist/ qweezii baby, awesome shit/

yuh i’m that 10-4/ yuh i need to attend more/

aye fuckin award shows/ aye i need to tour mo’/ (aye)

need that Forbes flow/ (yea) i need to Forbes those (hell yea)



yeah i’m a perfectionist/

i’m the skrr, lesson it’s/

the return of the drop drop drop it like it’s hot/ (bitch)

and if i don’t do nuthin imma ball bitch/

imma ball bitch/ imma ball bitch/

i do it, imma call this/

fuck you too



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TNMCRP-1025 If We Fight By Nikko Jones


Writer: Nikko Jones

Owner of : Monster LLC

Title: If We Fight

[verse 1]

Yuh, yeah if we fight/ we could really relate, war/

Sometimes is necessary, what the silly debates for/

These apes roar, (the crowd scream)/

They ape shit/ (they ape shit)

Call me a Carter (President Carter)/ you ain’t shit/

I paint shit/

Call me an artist/ A Boogie/ it’s all regarded/

Top 5, 6 to the 2-3/

Un-saint like (not like Drew Brees)/ more like Lebron flow/

I’m like a bomb though (true)/ your like a bronze hoe/

That’s word to my momz hoe/ word to my moms though/

Qweezy baby (Lobo, Lobo)/ he won’t fall off/

Stone Cold (Stone Cold)/ y’all niggas all soft/

I got the ball *cough cough*/ (swish swish)

Guess Im’ma goat nigga/ a little boat nigga (swish swish)/

Whatever floats ya boat nigga/

That’s coast to coast nigga/

An oaths an oath nigga/

Steam roll’n (Lobo, Lobo)/

(All my friends are dead flow) a roast, i roast nigga/




[verse 2]

Get’n right/ (get’n right)

Get’n by/ (get’n by)

Niggas trife/ (niggas trife)

Get em’ pies (clowns)/

Give em high/ give em lows/

Sit them high/ hit them low/

Give em goals/ its pick & roll/

Niggas know/ its pick & roll/

Niggas know/ its given gold/

Give em mold/ tell them break it/

After that, yuh tell them remake it/

Yeah & that’s how you sell it to them/

Sell it, then fake it/ until you make it/

Till then, tell them to hate it/ (love me or hate me)

Uh call them fake, bitch/ everything in between/

Call me up late (lit)/

Everything ain’t what it seems/

But this ain’t what it seems its crack shit, (Qweezy) bubblin raw/ (imagine me)

Qweezii is a magician, magic i could turn Autumn to Fall/

Call’n the ball/ Q Qweezy ode to the blue/

Caw to the awe/ like Nick Foles mosh pits and all/

I do it/


Last verse was before the award shows/ (and then what)

I started pennin Forbes up in my journals/ (and then what)

Record flows/ that scream out Forbes flow/ yeah

Then ask me what i do it for/ i do it for NY hoe/

Record flows that is cold is sickly/ (of course yo)(

New York coast with the flows, forgive me/ west side

I’m kill’n shit, little grim/

i’m kill’n shit, Qweezy szn nigga/


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TNM CRP 1024 XXX- By : Nikko Jones


Writer: Nikko Jones

Owner Of: Monster LLC

TITLE: XXX Registered & Protected

death comes in 3’s/

Junior passed, guess who wept me/

live everyday like my last like/

like like like up next is me/

triple x rest in peace/

i better leave a strong legacy/

cuz God knows ahead of me/

the Don, they’ll try to behead me, silence me/

use violence even but me, me/

I’ll use love, true thug/ (cuz love hurts)

amused bust, right out the chamber with my lines/

with my rhymes/ (white lines)

take em back to an easier time/

fo’ i’d even try to rhyme/

like mimes/ there’s no words spoken/

curse is broken/

long as i break it, my word spoken/

first chokin, now he’s so dam poised/

the man, boy can’t boy me/

nah, i’m the man boy/

man boy, this shit is just gettin hectic/

i don’t get it, you get it you get it get it?/

i gotta take it/

take ya to a time where i was not as hated/

aye bish i got this spaceship/

come cruise with me/

i’m too litty/ some do get me/

but i don’t try to be got/

police cops, be beatin the blocks/

and i don’t know/ (shit i don’t know how i feel bout the fucken pigs nigga)

man they cold when they pull through/

broke a skull too/ pitbull too/

he was a big dog/

i do it for the kids dog/ don’t kid dog/

look what you did; shi shit i’m the shit mah/

skid skrr i’m the wiz with the words/

thats apeshit/ atheist, yeah you dish it i serve/ skrr

basic? bitch i’m yay with the shits/ yuh i’m qweezus

goatee raps/ now that’s how goats react/ (yeah)

aye, my oath black/ yeah you know that, Kodak/ aye

(snap) cold as shit like polar to caps/ (picture perfect)

(i said umm) cold as shit like polar to caps/ (thats picture perfect)

holdin that, mac 10, blackin/

hit em up flow rat a tat a tat tat M’s/

that’s him/ Eminem like back then/

or fuck it past to the tense, M’s M’s/ like M&M’s/

that engine rap. that rin rin/

then again. is that in him? him?/

i been a gentlemen/ been an element/

been a felon gentz/ been in my element/

fuck yeah so imma represent/ (i represent)

heaven sent nigga 09/ (i represent)

cosign nigga hold them signs/ (& flip it)

like a drug, nigga know what’s mine? (it’s this shit)

and i already know what the business/

friend or foe get ya wrist slit/

yuh I’m Freddy whoah with the shits bitch/

reaper flow, get it? slit slit/ and skrrr

sleepin though/ sleeps the cousin of death my nigga sleep tho/

i flip this shit like a brick shot by Shaq nigga free throw/ (that’s kilos btw)

imma slim nigga call me slim crazy/ nigga i been crazy/

i try to preach fuck that negative shit, but then again/

(this what they made me)/ fuck them niggas they been hate me/

nigga they been lazy/ (seasick)

nigga I been wavy, easy it’s/

the return of the heir/

in a league of my own/

they still try to play me/

ain’t got no keys of their own/

yuh it’s never that crack shit/

rest easy x/

just know that they ain’t that shit/

and mad niggas pissed/

mad niggas was pissed

rest easy nigga

you know they say death comes in 3’s and all

but fuck that

nigga we miss you

word, 3 x’s

3 x’s

3 x’s

3 x’s


and a special RIP to Junior

a moment of silence

tnm reg 1024 xxx by nikko jones

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TNMCRP-1023 99 Problems In Miami ( Tribute to Jay Z) By Lady Rayne McCloud

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Writer: Lady Rayne McCloud

Owner of : #TNM The New Music Movement Inc.

Tittle: 99 Problems In Miami

( Tribute to Jay Z) Registered & Protected


I got beef with niggas who just want control

Same niggas screaming money over hoes

Criticize me for being angry

I fuck wit ya’ll stupid what type of facts is those

If you grew up seeing niggas slap’n hoes

You’d learn quick to snap click and clap back bro

I’m like ya’ll can kiss my whole ass hole

I ain’t scared and I ain’t calming down no mo

I got beef with niggas who just love love the show

I’m Like have ya fit I don’t give a shit so

Body boy try’n play me fast

Mad cause I won’t give him no ass for cash


I don’t know what you take me as

but understand the intelligence the lady has

I secure my own riches Nigga I ain’t dumb

I got 99 problems and you won’t be one


Gotta bitch ass nigga that you need to son?

I got 99 problems and that won’t be one. hit me


The year is 94 and Miami is raw

Bitch nigga behind me like he’s the law

I got two choices ya’ll

Move to mars

or put the chopper out the window and blast at his car

And I ain’t try’n to run from this niggas chase

Plus I’m fight’n for my life so it worth the case

The phone rings before I start to unload

I hear

“Bitch do you know what I’m chasing you for”

Cause you a nut and you mad I don’t want you no more

I’m not mind reader nigga I don’t know

Wanna keep talking shit or should I guess some mo

“Bitch pull ova the car

You can’t leave me

You need me you know I’mma star”

Who you call’n a bitch I ain’t pulling over shit

“Don’t make me have to kill ya ass Chick”

Well the pistol is clacked and the choppers in the back

Sorry son, you gone need an army for that

“When you start talking like that,

Ya think ya hard or something

Some kinda gangsta or something

Well I’m not Capone but I know a little bit

Enough to know I’m not gone let you kill me, Shit

Blasted on that ass conversation was done

I got 98 cause he got one’d



Once upon a time long in the past

A dick like yourself tried to play me fast

This is not a dick in the sense of having some balls

But a dick having no common sense trying me ya’ll

I tried to be a lady and talk to him soft

Reason with him but some niggas egoic’ and lost

You know the kind

Legend in they own mind

Can’t walk the walk but talking all the time

See he go get to rapping

And I’mma start snapping

He gone frog jump and I’mma start clapping

And there I go back to being Mexican

Hiding in them dirty hotels again

I’m wrong because I’m female and I’m African

So they gone call me “angry black woman” again

And I ain’t taking shit so I’m single again

All because a nigga had to ego trip

Acting like I’mma hoe and he’s some kinda pimp

I got a little boy I don’t need no son

I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one.



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TNMCRP-1023 99 Problems In Miami By Lady Rayne McCloud

TNMCRP-1022 Potent By Nikko Jones

How TO make it banner #TNM

Writer: Nikko Jones

Owner of: Monster LLC

Title: Potent Registered & Protected


You never loved me

You be bug’n at me

I’m try’na keep it a buck fiddy

Yeah I’m try’na keep shit sucker-free

I’m try’na keep shit fuck’n fleek

(fleek) fleek fleek

I never went to school

Even when I went to school

I wanna tell you, you been a fool


It’s the hard knock life for us, sell out

Picture us in the hallways cops & icebergs yell out niggaz

Yeah that’s what we would yell out yell out

(where I’m from: ST NICK ST NICK) feel me now

[verse 1]

Triple x

Issa flex

Gettin flex on yo block

That’s Marcy, issa threat

Sweat the stove top

Is so hot

Issa vex (rah) this stove top

Is so hot

Fresh out the bakery agh the oh agh

The od-uh

Issa scent rah the flows hot

New car smell it’s like a fuck’n rah

You cartel

You hard as hell

That’s what she told me, you “Carvel”

“You ice cream, you “Carvel”

Yeah be nice to me

These icy streets ain’t icy as me

You got an icy streak

Like I might be the beast

“I might be deceased”, is what you should say

I R&B Suge aye

I should pray

RIP the beat, Red Hood Ye

The hood aye?

Marvin Gaye flows

It’s straight tho

You hate those

I ape flows

Yeah hate those

I’m grateful

I take pull,I gravitate, I’m ace yo

I’m aye-aye-aye Wolf

Im’ma ape on the beats

An ape I break beats

So take heed

I break beats

You place me

Yeah an eighth for me, is dai- to the ly

I get the eighth a kilo, make sums C-notes

I get raised cause we know


Yeah the bench is pressed

“I’m in it” flex

I give the pen to rest

Then pen to death

I give it a fin, a depth

I’m in it, yes/ in shark water, yuh feelin like deep

In dark waters/ in the 4th quarter that’s heart

Dark quarters (that’s dark quarters)

I show no mercy homie

Ya’ll have to merk me homie

That’s on my word jabroni

Ain’t scratch the surface homie

I’m Michael Jordan on the mic, I do that

Hyrule that

For the high the high high school cats

[hook 1]

So when did you first wanted to rap?

When i first wanted to rap?

I didn’t/ i just i wrote poetry and figured i was good at it

Ya know

I guess when i figured that.. ya know?

[verse 2]

The dag asshole/ rap’s so phat should call me fatso

Or crack snow/ crack crack crack crack shit Castro

Shady baby, I’m militant (my rap flows)

Crazy, ladies I’m feel’n em (kill’n it)

Crack a skull I’m really bashful (bashful)

Rest in peace/ i heard death comes in 3’s

Qweezy baby i’m kill’n shit specialty

So sick, I’m feel’n it; yuh expect the heat

Yuh fireman/ yeah light up famz aye

Misguided lamb aye/ on-sight my mans spray

I take 2 glocks  run the streets bae I’m 2pac

Too hot I heat these streets

Bae it’s too hot

Supa hot on the block

Dude you iceman

I’m big C for Comfort Zone, I’d shoot your right hand

Cause he a lil man

I ain’t no lil man (lil nigga)

The fuck you callin senile?

Nigga (lil nigga)

[hook 2]

(2-sev 2-sev 2-sev)

On the contrary your quite young

Yeah i’m 27

I see…. umm does that scare you?

[verse 3]

Remember me? yuh cold as December flu’s

September too cause i’m cool as November oooo

My temper ooze out I channel; like a vender do

Yuh I pitch game, I pitch sales I pitch well

I shut em out I pitch cane, I get bail

Stupor swag the fuck you gonna do with that

Yeah you know the forte

New York, New York Forbes aye

I’m more Ye yo than Ne-Yo

That’s word to Pac / unorthodox

Finna be ummm Forbes list watch

I keep my distance I need that listen

Rinrin, key to the ignition

I’m potent, yikes (ghost) poltergeist

Yuh I’m supposed to fright yuh I’m supposed to

Overpriced, well bitch this cost me a lot (lot)

Icy chains, well bitch the boss I’m the Roc (no JAY Z)

I said no JAY Z/ issa wave bey

I get the wave issa me I get it aye, qweez

I get ya angry at me I kick it aye, weave (22’s)

I bob & weaves it (22’s 2’s) Im’ma Prodigy bitch

I got that Qweezii shit that Mobb Deep shit

That Mobb Deep bitch yuh I gotta eat shit

Chop it up E. (sheepish woes)

I eat sleep broccoli yuh I smoke it too (yuh)

I’m so deluxe you/ not so much

I got it uh; cobra clutch/

Oh the nerves I know swerve (skrr skrr)

Turn up, I turn her on

I skrr it momz I race cars

I turn her on (I turn her on)

Her favorite song

[hook 3]

(my favorite bars)

So i take it you’ve heard Love is Everything?

Yeah without man there is no Qweez

It’s a love hate thing (love hate thing)


Uh how would you describe your music?

[verse 4]

Man this is weed rolled tucked

This is Ebro bruh this is hot 97

The block and the Times, one second

Yuh one weapon mic

I’m un-threatened we’re unlike

I’m un-liked it’s all good

Cause kiss’n people’’s ass is just so unlike you

I call it Suge death row

Qweezy baby, you never know

Method flow i’m on some protect ya fuck’n neck shit

Inspectah deck shit yuh expect it bless shit

Don’t try the man yuh I’m fire man yuh

Spiderman yuh I climb up vans yuh

I shoot the lights out

Hide til it’s bright out

I knock ya lights out

Who wants to fight now

Don’t get iced now yeah this is nonstop

Yuh this is nonstop

The block is hot nigguh, yuh


Monster fuck these nigguhs up


That’s all for now.. no more questions

That’s enough for now

Fuck out my face


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TNMCRP-1021 Intro By Nikko Jones Registered & Protected

Writer: Nikko Jones

Owner of: Monster LLC

Tittle: Intro Registered & Protected


And its, it’s the Qweezii experience 2

Its, it’s the Qweezii experience 2

And watch them drop the beat

And watch them drop the beat

And watch them drop the beat

And watch them drop the beat

It’s, it’s the Qweezii experience 2

[verse 1]

New York bitch/ sorta rich according to this

Forbes list I’m finna be on, fast forwarded shit yuh

Cordial shit but I’m immortal with this yuh

Call the scrimmage, ain’t small forward with this (that’s big gains)

Yuh big slices

No limit (no limit)

I’m so in it, G Eazy I’m so scrimmage

I’m so a menace

They know I meant it


No proof uh, I’m so relentless

I’m so apprenticed


I’m dream chasing

That means we racing?

Yuh, I’m cream make’n

I’m cremate’n, (cremate’n) bitch niggas

Get richer, and slit niggas (I’m Freddy Krueger)

I’m lit niggas

Shit figures

Ya get’n bigger

They get’n old they get’n bitter

Bitch be humble

That means Bey

Bitch don’t be mumble (mumble rappers)

Niggas delusional

Suck my cock

Qweezy baby, fuck the boc (fuck the roc)

Fuck the roc

Golden chains

Get it snatched

(go inane)go insane (go inane)

No ones lame

Who you fool’n Im’ma genius

This blue is too in

Call me truant (call me a nuisance)

Call me a nuisance

Im’ma monster, that’s what I do

I’ve been

Qweezii szn…

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TNMCRP-1020-Sick Thoughts, By Nikko Jones

Nikko Jones

OWNER OF : Monster LLC Registered & Protected

TITLE: Sick Thoughts


Sick thoughts… you know like,

Yo if I even died tomorrow would you even care to feel?

(Care to feel) yeah would you even care to feel?

Nah what I mean, cause I got sick thoughts

(You’d probably careless) right? huh?

[verse 1]

Bad hoes, strip’n naked pass go, this the greatest

Yeah monopoly money

you better get on top of that honey

I got the, block hot it’s the Roc Roc

New Roc’s rock chop up hot beats

Like a nigga got a ki (grrrragh)


Like I was half of Mobb Deep (whew)

Taki, like I was how Selena got the streets

(Taki, Taki)

Cocky, yeah a nigga from New York (I’m from New York)cocky

Now these niggas do reports (they do reports)

Yeah who knew the port would turn me to this glue you snort

I skrr off like Camel nigga, you newport (you newports)

Lamborghini’s, ferrari’s we want it all

1 for my old man 1 for me, I won’t stunt at all skrr skrr

(shit) I just wanna be humble RIP my nigga Mac Mil

Nigga passed away with no kid shit gave me a chill (I had a chill)

And it was bad feel me mad illy

Swear that had killed me

R.I.P. my nigga X

I got enemies, that wished I was next

Sick thoughts


Who got the block hot got the block hot (turn it up turn it up)

Sick thoughts (turn up turn up)

Who got the block hot got the block hot (turn it up turn it up)

Sick thoughts (turn up turn up)

Who got the block hot got the block hot (turn it up turn it up)

Sick thoughts (turn up turn up)

Who got the block hot got the block hot (turn it up turn it up)

Sick thoughts (turn up turn up)

Shit I just wanna be humble

I’m tryna get my mind right

Sick thoughts

Who got the block hot got the block hot (turn it up turn it up)

Sick thoughts (turn up turn up)

Who got the block hot got the block hot (turn it up turn it up)

Sick thoughts (turn up turn up)

Who got the block hot got the block hot (turn it up turn it up)

Sick thoughts (turn up turn up)

Yeah yeah yeah

[verse 2]

Yuh I tell her to poke it out

I’m rub’n her no lotion now

She feel like an ocean now

Seasick yuh I’m open oww

She ride the surfboard

I’m provide’n a full course (vitamin D)

She ride it, cow girl she look like a whole snack

(mirror) she knows that know that

I told her no hold’n back

Yeah that’s that Wayne Wonder (QWEEZii Wonder)

No let’n Go, she came sunk’ed her

Yuh I tongued her battleship

She lungin, on (that dick) “that’s it”

Yuh Imma sick fuck

Imma squirrel issa quick nut

Yuh I’m mixed up like mixed nuts, she taste me (she said i’m tasty)

Yuh Imma sick fuck yuh I’m sick but, she tasty (shit she tasty)

Yeah shit she tasty too

I tell her shit taste the juice

Yeah it’s the wave what it do

Bish you could get it with braces too

I get you basic dudes

But me, shit i just wanna be humble

I was told not to think the same as everyone else

Cause shit that’s just gonna be mumble

And who would want that

I wouldn’t want that

Shit you want that?

I told you from the jump dad

All these sick thoughts, ain’t no come’n back


[verse 3]

Can a man live?

I’m try’na give my mom’ma grand-kids

That’s on my mans live

Everyday as if it’s my last (you already)

So take that

I’ll make it back

If I waste a stack

Cause I’m so focused I does this I does vros

yeah it’s the return of the fireman

(turn up) the fire damn

They told me to put it out

I’m crooked, I’m hood oww

I got that that that

That lightning flame

That frightening thang’ (simma simma)

That trifling aim

Friendly fire, yuh light up gang

I’m quite insane

Friendly fire yuh light up gang

& if not that, yuh quite inane (whew)

I got a uh uh; fire frame

Issa vibe these flames

(simma simma) the mic’s my name

Tyson, Jordan yuh lights out gang

I got a uh uh frightening aim

Yuh I’m Steph Curry

I was told not to think the same as everyone else

Cause shit that’s just gonna be mumble (and who would want that?)

Yall need a story

Straight up ya’ll straight bore me

Needless to say ya’ll bore me

It goes without say’n ya’ll straight bore me

It goes without say’n



Sick Thoughts

(Project Fallen Leaves)

QWEEZii Experience

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TNMCRP-1920 Sick Thoughts By Nikko Jones