TNMCRP-1027- Love Is Fleeting NUMB by Nikko Jones


Writer: Nikko Jones

Owner of: Monster LLC Registered & Protected

Title: Love is Fleeting ( NUMB)

[verse 1]

i’m tired of bein poor/ hot wired chuh mi amour/

its ride or die/ ride or die/

just like the fly-est G5’s/ (he’s fly)

we light up skies make it grin/

we’re hated they hate we win/

they’re basic, basically; M’s/

we’re after that A to M/ to PM I make it rain/

me myself and I; hate that, M’s/

I’m after that play to win/

just say that, I’m reigning been/

El Rey (Leon)/ Lana del Rey/

you see that, i helter (skelter) aye/ i hold up, i rob extort/

i’m froze yet so hot, issa snort/ (ha-hawt)

cocky with it (yuh)/

you gots to be/ uh gots to be kiddin its the/ uh

return of the flames/ (turn up)

like burners/ the turn ups insane/

i murder/ yuh serve up this cane/

i heard uh; uh uh uh heard that this fame/

issa hell of a drug/

uh jealous of what/ uh felon the fuck/

uh out my LP/ (uh) oww, let L see/

yuh, I’m stealthy/

(uhuhuh)/ Machiavelli/

(uhuhuh)/ what could you tell me?/

(uhuhuh) yuh fuck could you tell me?/

(uhuhuh yeah)


and love is fleetin/ yuh I’ve become Numb to the pain/

love is fleeting/ (uhuhuh) numb in my brain/


yuh love is fleeting/ (uhuhuh) numb to the pain/

yuh love is fleeting/ (uhuhuh) i’m goin fucken insane (uhuhuh)


[verse 2]

yeah I’m sick enough in the head/ to know just what niggas said/

i’m out here lookin all blue/

i know y’all pussies issa red/

doin verses for the camp ya bish/ (remember then)

uh use to feel like that’s the anthem bitch/ (yeah)

right hand, before my mans a flip/

i put them on to “I’m not racist”; they like mans that spit/

uh fake ass nigga, that turn you on?/

i wrote “Bless You”; the faggots ain’t turn it on/

that’s how you feel/ uhuhuh

how is that real?/ uhuhuh

yuh how does this feel?/ uhuhuh

(oh i see), clout is your heel/

achilles heel that is (bitch nigga)


[verse 3]

play with my heart/ and i’ll play with your head/

i used to just say that shit/

i’m dead serious/

uh it’s gettin delirious/

besettin this is how weird it gets/

ya frettin? i dare yu bitch/ (bitch nigga)

(yeah) ya hear me ya bish/

aye where does it get this way?/ (where and when?)

yeah ya got this trench in this road/

(you got this trench right?)

you can either walk it be the man/ (yeah you can walk it out)

or you can fall off/

but best believe you wasn’t in their plans/

(get lost or show up) my nigga


numb to the pain

love is fleeting..

become numb….. pain

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