TNM CRP 1024 XXX- By : Nikko Jones


Writer: Nikko Jones

Owner Of: Monster LLC

TITLE: XXX Registered & Protected

death comes in 3’s/

Junior passed, guess who wept me/

live everyday like my last like/

like like like up next is me/

triple x rest in peace/

i better leave a strong legacy/

cuz God knows ahead of me/

the Don, they’ll try to behead me, silence me/

use violence even but me, me/

I’ll use love, true thug/ (cuz love hurts)

amused bust, right out the chamber with my lines/

with my rhymes/ (white lines)

take em back to an easier time/

fo’ i’d even try to rhyme/

like mimes/ there’s no words spoken/

curse is broken/

long as i break it, my word spoken/

first chokin, now he’s so dam poised/

the man, boy can’t boy me/

nah, i’m the man boy/

man boy, this shit is just gettin hectic/

i don’t get it, you get it you get it get it?/

i gotta take it/

take ya to a time where i was not as hated/

aye bish i got this spaceship/

come cruise with me/

i’m too litty/ some do get me/

but i don’t try to be got/

police cops, be beatin the blocks/

and i don’t know/ (shit i don’t know how i feel bout the fucken pigs nigga)

man they cold when they pull through/

broke a skull too/ pitbull too/

he was a big dog/

i do it for the kids dog/ don’t kid dog/

look what you did; shi shit i’m the shit mah/

skid skrr i’m the wiz with the words/

thats apeshit/ atheist, yeah you dish it i serve/ skrr

basic? bitch i’m yay with the shits/ yuh i’m qweezus

goatee raps/ now that’s how goats react/ (yeah)

aye, my oath black/ yeah you know that, Kodak/ aye

(snap) cold as shit like polar to caps/ (picture perfect)

(i said umm) cold as shit like polar to caps/ (thats picture perfect)

holdin that, mac 10, blackin/

hit em up flow rat a tat a tat tat M’s/

that’s him/ Eminem like back then/

or fuck it past to the tense, M’s M’s/ like M&M’s/

that engine rap. that rin rin/

then again. is that in him? him?/

i been a gentlemen/ been an element/

been a felon gentz/ been in my element/

fuck yeah so imma represent/ (i represent)

heaven sent nigga 09/ (i represent)

cosign nigga hold them signs/ (& flip it)

like a drug, nigga know what’s mine? (it’s this shit)

and i already know what the business/

friend or foe get ya wrist slit/

yuh I’m Freddy whoah with the shits bitch/

reaper flow, get it? slit slit/ and skrrr

sleepin though/ sleeps the cousin of death my nigga sleep tho/

i flip this shit like a brick shot by Shaq nigga free throw/ (that’s kilos btw)

imma slim nigga call me slim crazy/ nigga i been crazy/

i try to preach fuck that negative shit, but then again/

(this what they made me)/ fuck them niggas they been hate me/

nigga they been lazy/ (seasick)

nigga I been wavy, easy it’s/

the return of the heir/

in a league of my own/

they still try to play me/

ain’t got no keys of their own/

yuh it’s never that crack shit/

rest easy x/

just know that they ain’t that shit/

and mad niggas pissed/

mad niggas was pissed

rest easy nigga

you know they say death comes in 3’s and all

but fuck that

nigga we miss you

word, 3 x’s

3 x’s

3 x’s

3 x’s


and a special RIP to Junior

a moment of silence

tnm reg 1024 xxx by nikko jones

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