TNMCRP-1023 99 Problems In Miami ( Tribute to Jay Z) By Lady Rayne McCloud

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Writer: Lady Rayne McCloud

Owner of : #TNM The New Music Movement Inc.

Tittle: 99 Problems In Miami

( Tribute to Jay Z) Registered & Protected


I got beef with niggas who just want control

Same niggas screaming money over hoes

Criticize me for being angry

I fuck wit ya’ll stupid what type of facts is those

If you grew up seeing niggas slap’n hoes

You’d learn quick to snap click and clap back bro

I’m like ya’ll can kiss my whole ass hole

I ain’t scared and I ain’t calming down no mo

I got beef with niggas who just love love the show

I’m Like have ya fit I don’t give a shit so

Body boy try’n play me fast

Mad cause I won’t give him no ass for cash


I don’t know what you take me as

but understand the intelligence the lady has

I secure my own riches Nigga I ain’t dumb

I got 99 problems and you won’t be one


Gotta bitch ass nigga that you need to son?

I got 99 problems and that won’t be one. hit me


The year is 94 and Miami is raw

Bitch nigga behind me like he’s the law

I got two choices ya’ll

Move to mars

or put the chopper out the window and blast at his car

And I ain’t try’n to run from this niggas chase

Plus I’m fight’n for my life so it worth the case

The phone rings before I start to unload

I hear

“Bitch do you know what I’m chasing you for”

Cause you a nut and you mad I don’t want you no more

I’m not mind reader nigga I don’t know

Wanna keep talking shit or should I guess some mo

“Bitch pull ova the car

You can’t leave me

You need me you know I’mma star”

Who you call’n a bitch I ain’t pulling over shit

“Don’t make me have to kill ya ass Chick”

Well the pistol is clacked and the choppers in the back

Sorry son, you gone need an army for that

“When you start talking like that,

Ya think ya hard or something

Some kinda gangsta or something

Well I’m not Capone but I know a little bit

Enough to know I’m not gone let you kill me, Shit

Blasted on that ass conversation was done

I got 98 cause he got one’d



Once upon a time long in the past

A dick like yourself tried to play me fast

This is not a dick in the sense of having some balls

But a dick having no common sense trying me ya’ll

I tried to be a lady and talk to him soft

Reason with him but some niggas egoic’ and lost

You know the kind

Legend in they own mind

Can’t walk the walk but talking all the time

See he go get to rapping

And I’mma start snapping

He gone frog jump and I’mma start clapping

And there I go back to being Mexican

Hiding in them dirty hotels again

I’m wrong because I’m female and I’m African

So they gone call me “angry black woman” again

And I ain’t taking shit so I’m single again

All because a nigga had to ego trip

Acting like I’mma hoe and he’s some kinda pimp

I got a little boy I don’t need no son

I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one.



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TNMCRP-1023 99 Problems In Miami By Lady Rayne McCloud


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