TNMCRP-1022 Potent By Nikko Jones

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Writer: Nikko Jones

Owner of: Monster LLC

Title: Potent Registered & Protected


You never loved me

You be bug’n at me

I’m try’na keep it a buck fiddy

Yeah I’m try’na keep shit sucker-free

I’m try’na keep shit fuck’n fleek

(fleek) fleek fleek

I never went to school

Even when I went to school

I wanna tell you, you been a fool


It’s the hard knock life for us, sell out

Picture us in the hallways cops & icebergs yell out niggaz

Yeah that’s what we would yell out yell out

(where I’m from: ST NICK ST NICK) feel me now

[verse 1]

Triple x

Issa flex

Gettin flex on yo block

That’s Marcy, issa threat

Sweat the stove top

Is so hot

Issa vex (rah) this stove top

Is so hot

Fresh out the bakery agh the oh agh

The od-uh

Issa scent rah the flows hot

New car smell it’s like a fuck’n rah

You cartel

You hard as hell

That’s what she told me, you “Carvel”

“You ice cream, you “Carvel”

Yeah be nice to me

These icy streets ain’t icy as me

You got an icy streak

Like I might be the beast

“I might be deceased”, is what you should say

I R&B Suge aye

I should pray

RIP the beat, Red Hood Ye

The hood aye?

Marvin Gaye flows

It’s straight tho

You hate those

I ape flows

Yeah hate those

I’m grateful

I take pull,I gravitate, I’m ace yo

I’m aye-aye-aye Wolf

Im’ma ape on the beats

An ape I break beats

So take heed

I break beats

You place me

Yeah an eighth for me, is dai- to the ly

I get the eighth a kilo, make sums C-notes

I get raised cause we know


Yeah the bench is pressed

“I’m in it” flex

I give the pen to rest

Then pen to death

I give it a fin, a depth

I’m in it, yes/ in shark water, yuh feelin like deep

In dark waters/ in the 4th quarter that’s heart

Dark quarters (that’s dark quarters)

I show no mercy homie

Ya’ll have to merk me homie

That’s on my word jabroni

Ain’t scratch the surface homie

I’m Michael Jordan on the mic, I do that

Hyrule that

For the high the high high school cats

[hook 1]

So when did you first wanted to rap?

When i first wanted to rap?

I didn’t/ i just i wrote poetry and figured i was good at it

Ya know

I guess when i figured that.. ya know?

[verse 2]

The dag asshole/ rap’s so phat should call me fatso

Or crack snow/ crack crack crack crack shit Castro

Shady baby, I’m militant (my rap flows)

Crazy, ladies I’m feel’n em (kill’n it)

Crack a skull I’m really bashful (bashful)

Rest in peace/ i heard death comes in 3’s

Qweezy baby i’m kill’n shit specialty

So sick, I’m feel’n it; yuh expect the heat

Yuh fireman/ yeah light up famz aye

Misguided lamb aye/ on-sight my mans spray

I take 2 glocks  run the streets bae I’m 2pac

Too hot I heat these streets

Bae it’s too hot

Supa hot on the block

Dude you iceman

I’m big C for Comfort Zone, I’d shoot your right hand

Cause he a lil man

I ain’t no lil man (lil nigga)

The fuck you callin senile?

Nigga (lil nigga)

[hook 2]

(2-sev 2-sev 2-sev)

On the contrary your quite young

Yeah i’m 27

I see…. umm does that scare you?

[verse 3]

Remember me? yuh cold as December flu’s

September too cause i’m cool as November oooo

My temper ooze out I channel; like a vender do

Yuh I pitch game, I pitch sales I pitch well

I shut em out I pitch cane, I get bail

Stupor swag the fuck you gonna do with that

Yeah you know the forte

New York, New York Forbes aye

I’m more Ye yo than Ne-Yo

That’s word to Pac / unorthodox

Finna be ummm Forbes list watch

I keep my distance I need that listen

Rinrin, key to the ignition

I’m potent, yikes (ghost) poltergeist

Yuh I’m supposed to fright yuh I’m supposed to

Overpriced, well bitch this cost me a lot (lot)

Icy chains, well bitch the boss I’m the Roc (no JAY Z)

I said no JAY Z/ issa wave bey

I get the wave issa me I get it aye, qweez

I get ya angry at me I kick it aye, weave (22’s)

I bob & weaves it (22’s 2’s) Im’ma Prodigy bitch

I got that Qweezii shit that Mobb Deep shit

That Mobb Deep bitch yuh I gotta eat shit

Chop it up E. (sheepish woes)

I eat sleep broccoli yuh I smoke it too (yuh)

I’m so deluxe you/ not so much

I got it uh; cobra clutch/

Oh the nerves I know swerve (skrr skrr)

Turn up, I turn her on

I skrr it momz I race cars

I turn her on (I turn her on)

Her favorite song

[hook 3]

(my favorite bars)

So i take it you’ve heard Love is Everything?

Yeah without man there is no Qweez

It’s a love hate thing (love hate thing)


Uh how would you describe your music?

[verse 4]

Man this is weed rolled tucked

This is Ebro bruh this is hot 97

The block and the Times, one second

Yuh one weapon mic

I’m un-threatened we’re unlike

I’m un-liked it’s all good

Cause kiss’n people’’s ass is just so unlike you

I call it Suge death row

Qweezy baby, you never know

Method flow i’m on some protect ya fuck’n neck shit

Inspectah deck shit yuh expect it bless shit

Don’t try the man yuh I’m fire man yuh

Spiderman yuh I climb up vans yuh

I shoot the lights out

Hide til it’s bright out

I knock ya lights out

Who wants to fight now

Don’t get iced now yeah this is nonstop

Yuh this is nonstop

The block is hot nigguh, yuh


Monster fuck these nigguhs up


That’s all for now.. no more questions

That’s enough for now

Fuck out my face


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