TNMCRP1016-GORILLAZ-Lyrics By Nikko Jones

Nikko Jones


MONSTER LLC Registered & Protected


Lobo (Lobo)

I been the realest go gorillaz for the meals bitch/

Banana clips, make you all eat your words/

I been the illest, yeah I’m sick with the flows yo/

Sycamore, fallen leaves fallen leaves/ (yeah)

They call me STD y’all/

Take off the S, (Two Letters) it’s all me/

Touch down nigga, since I touched down/

After that fuck’n crown nigga, the fuck’n crown/ (fuck’n crowned)

Left, I is my mother. I miss her to death/

Wish that I didn’t, she lives through me yes/ (un-pretty)

Melancholic melodies/ Different address/

Shits hidden in sound/ gifts, sundress/ (Aww yeah)

Wrapped up ya’ cola body/ Look’n like a coke bottle (coke bottle)/

Coke, baby addicting/ Life is but a dream/

I heard life imitates art/ Art imitates mines/

I leave trails of broken glass everywhere I go/ (I do)

Mics, broken hearts, hate crimes/ (Mic Check 1-2-1-2)

Hop on the mic and I do what the boy do/ (Mic check, mic check)

Uh, Hop on the mic and I do what the boy do/

(Let’s go) Let’s Go

I’m a bastard a bastard/

I got tha’ swagger, that swagger/

Peep the word, peep the word/

I let that bird play/ (it’s too hot)

Cooped up, I fly the nest/

Space-Bound, I’m like Ness/

(Quiet Ness) Hush up it’s a movie/

Star’n, yours truly (yours truly)/

Unruly, can’t rule me/

You’d need like 5 rulers/

Rulers can’t help it/

(Si) I’m the mighty, dick-head/ (two Guns Up Nigga)

And it’s, TF5 in this beyotch

(Let’s Go)

Project Fallen Leaves

This is QWEEZii Experience x4

This is the RAHHH




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