TNMCRP1002 Lets Get It- By Domnick Mitchell

Domnick Mitchell


Azan Records Inc. Registered & Protected

Lets Get It 



I hope that all the hatred fade away lets pray lets pray let’s pray

I hope that all the fake go away lets pray lets pray let’s pray

I hope my high don’t go away lets pray lets pray let’s pray

I hope i blow up and i go away lets pray lets pray let’s pray

Lets get it nigga, lets get it nigga.. ima show you something young kid


This trap that i’m living in chilling in money rolling in smoking on the weed

Just so i can feel again heart cold there he go again saying how he feel again

A man down i spit that heal him shit he lost like Gilligan fake niggas changed the

Game can’t be real again fake niggas giving names watch who you chilling with

Lately I been out here trappin off my own source and bitch ima run the game like

A lone horse all i invision in paper got that coke on the table no baking soda on the table

And this the shit that make your brother cross you quick cuz your able living like Cain and Abel

I stay with a hammer when I’m around bitch i trap all around the town i ain’t got a brick but i keep

Some grams what i smell like a damn pound most is fake and thats hand down they’ll smile in your

Face like a damn clown i hate the hate and thats hands down i might whoop your ass like im bam bam

I might shoot your ass from downtown ima sharp shooter one round they don’t get D-NO slow it down

Connect suppressor no sound the video to assassin i broke it down like James brown lights camera Action

Video shoot so don’t make a sound ooo

lets get it nigga lets get it, i aint done with these niggas man you already know nigga

I was 14 my brother went did 10 in the FEDs and when he did that the shit really fucked

With my head he showed me how to get fed in the struggle he taught me how to get bread

I was never mislead lil nigga in school walking with the led king arthur was here and he’d be like

What you said nigga i had to get out and get the bread nigga other niggas out here never fed a nigga


TNM Inc. Seal

Copy Right Protection by #TNM The New Music Movement Inc. Admin  June 4th 2018

© Domnick Mitchell  

℗ TNM The New Music Movement LLC.






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