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This world has changed but some things never do,

Just as the pioneers did and all life and lands before,

We live today in a much scarier world, gun in hand.

Weapons from the beginning of man, it is how we live,
Protect ourselves from the fear, what we cannot see.

Paranoia and the unknown live with us in our homes,

If not a gun in hand then always a thought, living as though.

In different ways we do, we all manage in such a way,

Our own gun in hand in this land in which we stand.

Keith Garrett

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Kylo Black

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Someone always hating and its pains me.

I’m still tryna eat and that shit drains me.

Niggas gotta focus….

But it’s looking hopeless.

Demons always plotting shadows

Leave you hanging like the gallows.

Niggas gotta focus….

But it’s looking hopeless…

Understand that my vision is blurred.

I’m like wanted taking shots my trajectory curves.

Inhaling pressure in my lungs yea this shit for the nerves.

Why you niggas always hate man that shit for the birds.

Man up and get yo mind right gone and get yo grind tight evacuate the lime light reflecting back on hind sight.

Like should of did this shit straight from the start.

But the path I chose ain’t for the faintness of heart.

Streets a rip you apart like fish falling prey to a shark.

If a nigga hungry den all he see is a mark.

Nine on me for any opposition shots is hissin.

I’m pro wit it and I’m never missing.

When I’m scoped I can go the distance.

Its head shot pro I call it Monica Lewinsky.

I’m bust until it’s empty ain’t a killer but dont tempt me.

I can feel it in the air like a storm on approach.

I can see it in your eyes you ain’t wanting no smoke.

Niggas tried to drown me out I proceeded to float.

Decided just to keep it moving no needing to gloat.

All I can is beware of the snakes all in yo face.

Deceiving fakes ah eat your soul without leaving a trace.

I’m never gone I’m coming back just like the home mace.

Please get up out my face before I catch a case.

I’m tryna stay low key but fuck that shit be kinda hard.

Just like a type cast sometimes You gotta play the part.

When niggas try to set u up you learn to play it smart.

I’m hip to everything before you niggas even start.

Eyes open I be scoping cuz I’m used to this.

Niggas out here looking lost like they new to this.

I gotta keep extended clips I’m dumping shots after shots after shots on some movie shit.

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TNMCRP1011-Focus- Certificate of REGISTRATION-Adrian Strum

TNMCRP1010-Been A Vet-Lyrics By ADRIAN STRUM


Kylo Black

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“Been A Vet”


Bitch I been a vet.

Let me light this cigarette.

I know I gotta get check.

Don’t act like I ain’t did it yet.

Bitch I been a vet.

I’m chillin wit the soldiers.

Just know we taking over.

No limits thought I told ya.


My soldiers out there roaming on that mess.

With them choppas and them choppas make em stretch.

Cool headed you will never see me sweat.

If you cross me then that means I’m at yo neck.

Ain’t no time to waste a nigga tryna make a movie.

When I’m sending shots I’m only aiming at yo coo fee.

Leave a nigga blood thinner than a piece of loose leaf.

Smelling like some blue cheese yea.

Gotta learn to take chance make em double down.

I get straight to the point I don’t run around.

In my hunting grounds when I see prey I just circle round.

This my stamping grounds I make em feel calm then I gun em down.

Lights on nigga camera action.

Somersaults when niggas got that pack in.

I’m on my toes you will never catch me lacking.

They trained to go as soon as they’re called to action.

Niggas scared to go it’s time to up the speed.

I’m all inside your mind just like telepathy.

Check the weaponry shoot shots now may he rest in peace.

Ain’t no catching me I’m moving like a refugee.

Tryna beat it Michael Jackson bad maybe Harpo.

Cold world a nigga feeling numb like where my heart go.

If I got some shit to handle then I do it Pronto.

I see u niggas ain’t bout nuttin even with my eyes closed.

I love when nigga think they’re harder than some minerals.

But really they be softer than some diner rolls.

Kylos on it bro you know I’m the general.

I know they know I’m sick they call me venereal.

Back in the lanes I’m switching the grain I’m grippin I’m just getting started.

If I’m the target niggas retarded yo mission getting aborted.

Feeling lethargic ain’t seeing none of u niggas my visions distorted.

Ain’t no more running they know that I’m coming I think they should throw me a party

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#TNMCRP1010 AS-KB-2018



Kylo Black

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“I’m On It”


Got damn im on it god damn I’m on it.

Gotta pocket full of 100s god damn I’m on it.

Bad bitch super thick god damn I’m on it.

God damn I’m on it god damn I’m on it.


Niggas always talking but that talking shit dont never really phase me.

I’m just out work in getting to it shit I do it on a daily.

Maybe I seem a little crazy but I’m always thinking clearly like HD.

Think I should of said HP ain’t no amount of money that I can’t see.

Can’t breath time to slow down.

Damn look at that there ass so round.

let me sink my teeth into her bout to go down.

My work spectacular i leave her profound.

Hold on Wait a minute let me smoke a little let me drink a little.

Got two women wit me and I’m in the middle.

Young nigga riding clean and it ain’t rental not coincidental.

Deaf star yea we on one.

Rolling up the pressure homie time to burn one.

Out here calling shots like a shogun.

We gone keep on turning up til show done.


Taking off like I’m on one think I’m in the stratosphere.

U would think I had a leer high as fuck like i dont really got a care.

Scoped in but no infrared one shot two shots take it to the head.

Up all night like I never see my bed.

Up all night moving like the walking dead yea the walking dead.

Dancing wit a freak hoe never spending but I got it I’m just cheap doe.

Shoot the shot going in like a free throw.

Got a tongue of silver Yea I know it’s lethal.

Add it up add it up count gwala.

Inhaling grade a Yea this top dollar.

To fuck wit me u gotta be a top scholar.

Call u when I need u til then I’ll holla.

I’m tryna stack up my paper like Pringles.

Then try a copy that method like kinkos.

Crack another bottle Cuz I need more.

Field of vision so small like a peep hole.

If yo bud bull shit Na I don’t won’t it.

All that fake shit I can’t condone it.

Gotta make a plan I’m just wanna get it in if u talking bout the m’s god damn I’m on it.

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TNMCRP1009 Certificate of REGISTRATION- I'm On It- Adrian Strum

TNMCRP1008-Pressure Cooker-Lyrics By ADRIAN STRUM



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Pressure Cooker


I’m just out here tryna make it.

Niggas plotting tryna take it.

Just know I got the ham nigga I dont give a damn shoot them shots assalamualaikum.

I’m living in a pressure cooker.

I’m living in a pressure cooker.

The temperature rising how am I surviving it’s like I’m under pressure cooking.


Fuck it guess I’m on my one shit

I ain’t with the dumb shit.

Run and grab the gun quick.

run quick run quick box you like some lunches.

Stretch a nigga like Pilate’s fold him up like crunches.

does this nigga get u dusted maintain my composure homie i ain’t never flustered.

It what it is so tell me why should we discuss it.

Like I tell my chick if you like it then I love it.

Smashing out in public gotta couple moves to make.

Nine on my side the news I do this everyday.

Hitting like I’m Tyson guess I’m feeling like a heavy weight.

Fuck that talking shit I’m the type that like to demonstrate.

I’m tryna bubble up like reactions to an allergy.

Choppa change your composition up just like some alchemy.

This ain’t a murder scene but my g I think it’s bout to be.

It ain’t nuttin’ personal it’s just a nigga gotta eat.

I feel the pressure not letting up but I’m built ford tough.

Without a thought of the consequences I’ll call your bluff.

I see you flexing yo chains and shit it a get u stuck.

Ain’t no trust but listen up I know you niggas.

Tryna see me fail but I ain’t going for the shit Loading up the clip.

choppa make a pussy nigga flip shooting from hip.

Come and get u I ain’t got a whip ima call a lyft.

Spark the ham load another clip then relight the spliff.

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TNMCRP1008 cR Cert- Pressure Cooker- Adrian StrumTNMCRP1008- Pressure Cooker- Adrian Strum-Certificate of REGISTRATION

TNMCRP1007-Get Paid-Lyrics By Adrian Strum


Kylo Black

DEAF STAR ENTERTAINMENT Registered & Protected


“Get Paid”


Chasing that money I’m hungry to gotta get paid.

Momma I got us I told her I’m making a way.

Too many niggas switched up on me shit aint the same.

Its normal to suffer a loss its part of the game.


Money on mind I had to switch up.

Bitches always calling i don’t pick up.

Focused on my hustle tryna get bucks.

If you got a problem i give two fucks.

Listen ma I’m tryna get it all for us.

At the starting line ready to go on all fours.

Give the people a show they want an encore.

Then proceed to stacking that paper up like a bookstore.

In spite of what you say I’ll never fall back.

If u ain’t talking money I dont call back.

What u call that your day ones making plans with the enemies guess it’s all bad.

Gotta keep your circle tighter. You messing with a fighter.

Its going down to the fuckin wire bout to start a fire.

Niggas think I’m slipping but my grip tighter than some fuckin pliers.

If u know my type u know I’m low key.

Addicted to the money tryna od.

Burning more trees.

Gas in my system like my house got a slow leak.

Moving up slowly Na u can never stop it.

U can only watch it everyday clock in add in up profit.


fuck this man I gotta get a pack in go hard these other niggas lackin.

they only bout words and that’s absurd see me I’m only bout that action.

i dont really got time to play all this struggling shit ends today.

how get a meal how to pay the bills all this shit got my mind in disarray.

fuck a sit tight I gotta get right and stack up all dem numbers.

Cuz I can’t just fold in a world so cold it’s frozen like a tundra.

Yea I’m in it to win it though im at the beginning.

it’s hard to be a hero when surrounded by villains.

The way these niggas turning on their own fam got me feeling disgusted.

Homie got a lick coupled with a plan but my mind saying not to trust it.

I don’t know what to do I ain’t got a clue but I know I gotta make move.

Is this really bout the loot are they prepped to shoot I don’t know better bring a tool.

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TNMCRP1007 Get Paid Certificate of REGISTRATION-Adrian Strum

TNMCRP1006-“I Get It”- Lyrics By Adrian Strum

Adrian Strum

Kylo Black

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“I Get It”

Always putting work in I can’t stand to waste my time.

Sipping on this liquor think I’m bout to lose my mind.

Hold on relax OK I’m back.

Counting all this money while I’m blowing on that thrax.

I get it I get it I get it I get it.

I get it I get it I get it I get it I get it.

Hold on relax hold on relax.

Black flag on the track again yea I’m back to trafficking.

Shitting on these niggas like I took a dozen of laxatives.

Yea I’m laid back but I’m working so no relaxing here.

Magician to them purppers them purppers I make them disappear.

Yea shit crazy dont shit phase me.

I only spit crack should of been born in the eighties.

She throwing it back I’m going strong in your lady.

I know that you hate me but its how god made me.

Sicker than all them niggas I know they can’t contest.

If pack looking short fuck it ima make it stretch.

I know that my army strong I’m feeling like a vet.

You got it I want it nigga I’m thinking like finesse.

No stress blowing on that pressure til my mind gone.

Shorty got an apple i want it just like an iphone.

Don’t care if I got it I’m stretching it like nylon.

Fuck that reckless spending I’m saving that for when I’m on.

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